About Our Team

Jean Van't Hul

Founder of The Artful Parent & Kids Art Spot and author of 3 books about kids art.

I have years of experience making art and creativity easy and fun for families. I will give you the tools and inspiration to help you connect through creativity and encourage experimentation with your kids.

I have a degree in art history and studio art, plus work experience in arts organizations. But it wasn't until I became a parent that the pure potential of art and creativity gelled in my mind. 

I am passionate about helping children reach their creative potential. I look forward to helping you lay a strong creative foundation for your family!

Our Team

In 2021, Jean stepped back from video production at the Kids Art Spot. Since then, we've worked to bring you a team of parents, artists, and educators to continue to create this library of videos for your family.

We work tirelessly to create fun and exciting content in a variety of mediums and for a range of children's ages. You can trust that our content is not only 100% safe for your kids to explore independently, but also guaranteed to bring more connection and creativity to your family life.  


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