Art Invitations Mini E-Course

Learn how to set up an art invitation with this mini e-course featuring a video and printable e-book.


Art Invitations Video


Learn how to set up art invitations for your kids. Plus, ideas to create an enticing art activity and tips to keep it manageable for parents.


Printable E-Book


It's easy to find just the right activity to offer your children with 30 art invitations to choose from that are divided by age (toddlers, preschoolers and big kids)

Plus 10 more low mess ideas for the days when super easy clean-up is a must!

Print out these art invitations to hang in a readily visible spot for easy incorporation into your family's life. 

Have fun and get creative with this mini e-course!



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If you want even more fun art invitations and creative activities, become a member of Kids Art Spot! You can get all of this, plus so much more!


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