The KIDS ART CAMP is a virtual camp experience that will keep your kids creatively engaged at home.

We help your children do arts & crafts, science experiments & more around 11 interesting weekly themes! Have fun, learn, and get creative all summer long!
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Helping your family get through a summer at home with engaging creative activities and learning experiences.

Inside the ART CAMP for Creative Kids

The 3 core pieces of every week designed to help your kids grow in creativity and self confidence are:


Get creative every week with several themed art activities, craft projects, and drawing prompts to choose from.


Learn through hands-on experiences, science experiments, fun facts sheets, and children's books.


Participate in fun challenges every week as you do creative activities and apply what you learn. 

What to expect in ART CAMP

A video highlighting BUTTERFLY WEEK


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Each week, we give you creative activities and learning experiences around an interesting theme, bundled together in an one easy-to-use module that you can access online.

  • Video tutorials created  especially for kids, helping them learn new techniques and activities
  • Attractive and easy to use printables
  • Drawing prompts to inspire creative thinking and drawing
  • Curated lists of children's books accompany each theme

What People Are Saying About KIDS ART CAMP

They do the hard part

I must tell you; you have helped me so much to bring art more regularly into my home. Thank you!

- Lissette Paz

They keep my kids engaged

My daughter did the art activities on her own or with a friend, with little intervention from me. I was surprised by how useful it was for the kids to watch a video tutorial.

The activities you chose were such that after the kids learned the technique, they wanted to try more and more ideas using the same technique.

- Emma Drake

They keep it simple

We are super happy we are part of the Kids Art Club! I love how easy it is to find something quickly to do with my daughter!

- Jaime Griffin


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Make ART CAMP Work for YOU!

There are many ways to use this virtual art camp experience; choose what works best for you and your family.

  • You can do the art camp together as a family and use it as a guide for the next several weeks.
  • Your children can do the art camp on their own with a little assistance and supervision, depending on their ages. (The video tutorials and easy-to-use printables make this especially easy!)
  • You can ask a babysitter, nanny, or grandparent to do the art camp activities with your kids.
  • You choose how many activities to do each week depending on your interest and schedule. 
  • You can participate in the weekly challenges or not. And you can do them either privately or publicly. Whatever works for you!

More Testimonials

They help us get creative at home

We are enjoying this program! We are in a busy season of life and my oldest is a self-starter. We are hoping to continue to carve out space for more activities and make the tweaks needed in our household to get the most out of our membership. Thank you for creating this space. 

- Katie Redington


They help my kids create independently

I find most value in the videos.  My children can’t read well yet so it’s liberating for them to be able to collect the materials and do the activity after watching the videos.  I also like the tips for how to differentiate the activity at the end of the videos.

- Jaclyn Bentley

They enrich our lives!

I am thrilled to be a part of a club created for families to enjoy making and learning about art together. I homeschool my children and use many of your resources to help enrich their lives with art and creativity.

- Emily Yancer Watson


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