A virtual art camp experience inside the KIDS ART SPOT that will keep your kids creatively engaged at home

We help your children do arts & crafts, science experiments & more around interesting weekly themes!

ART CAMP is free for all our KIDS ART SPOT members! If you're not a member yet, click the button above to get a FREE 14-day trial membership. After that, it's only $7.99 a month for the whole family! And you can cancel any time. (Note: This is a special half-off price due to the current COVID-19 situation to make our family activities & resources available to everyone, no matter your budget.)

Helping your family get through these next several weeks with engaging creative activities and learning experiences.

ART CAMP for Creative Kids is designed to make time at home easier and more fun for the whole family! Whether your kids do the activities on their own or you join in on the fun, the whole family benefits. The kids grow in creativity and self confidence while doing fun arts & crafts and learning through simple science experiments and nature-based activities. And you'll feel good knowing that the kids are happily engaged.

Our at-home virtual ART CAMP is free for KIDS ART SPOT members!

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Inside the ART CAMP for Creative Kids

The 3 core pieces of every week designed to help your kids grow in creativity and self confidence are:


Get creative every week with several themed art activities, craft projects, and drawing prompts to choose from every week.


Learn through hands-on experiences, science experiments, fun facts sheets, and children's picture books.


Participate in fun challenges every week as you do the creative activities and apply what you learn. 

What to expect in ART CAMP

A video highlighting BUTTERFLY WEEK



Each week, we give you creative activities and learning experiences around an interesting theme, bundled together in an one easy-to-use module that you can access through the ART SPOT website and app.

  • Video tutorials created  especially for kids, helping them learn new techniques and activities
  • Attractive and easy to use printables
  • Drawing prompts to inspire creative thinking and drawing
  • Curated lists of children's books accompany each theme

Try our virtual at-home ART CAMP

Make ART CAMP Work for YOU!

There are many ways to use this virtual art camp experience; choose what works best for you and your family.

  • You can do the art camp together as a family and use it as a guide for the next several weeks.
  • Your children can do the art camp on their own with a little assistance and supervision here and there, depending on their ages. (The video tutorials and easy-to-use printables make this especially easy!)
  • You can ask a babysitter, nanny, or grandparent to do the art camp activities with your kids.
  • You can do all the activities each week and be super gung ho about this or you can pick and choose a few here or there depending on your interest and schedule. 
  • You can participate in the weekly challenges or not as you choose. And you can do them either privately or publicly. I’m inviting everyone to participate and to post photos, but if you’d rather do the challenges quietly and without fanfare, I’ll understand.

What People Are Saying...

"I must tell you, you have helped me so much to bring art more regularly into my home. Thank you!" 

- Lissette Paz


My daughter did the art activities on her own or with a friend, with little intervention from me. I was surprised by how useful it was for the kids to watch a video tutorial.

We don't use many screens at home, especially when friends are over. And I generally have plenty of craft materials available for kids and our little art nook devoted to doing art. So, when I saw the process, I was surprised that I liked it so much.

The activities you chose were such that after the kids learned the technique, they wanted to try more and more ideas using the same technique. Also, the draw of "watching" a video enticed the friends who were over.

- Emma Drake


Designed by Jean Van't Hul, founder of The Artful Parent and author of two award-winning books on children's art and creativity, the KIDS ART SPOT will help you foster your children’s creativity and confidence through simple and fun art activities you can do at home. Our ART CAMP takes it up to a whole new level with the addition of carefully guided & curated learning activities, picture book lists, and extra creative fun.

More Testimonials for the KIDS ART SPOT

We are super happy we are part of the Kids Art  Club! I love how easy it is to find something  quickly to do with my daughter!  -  Jaime Griffin

I find most value in the videos.  My children can’t read well yet so it’s liberating for them to be able to collect the materials and do the activity after watching the videos.  I also like the tips for how to differentiate the activity at the end of the videos.

We watched the video about making art with washi tape and then the kids made their own pieces of art. They were inspired by the face shown in the video and enjoyed making their own faces! It was a great activity, and the video was helpful for the kids to get started independently. I didn’t have to do anything, just gave them the tape and paper. - Jaclyn Bentley

We are enjoying this program! We are in a busy season of life and my oldest is a self starter. We are hoping to continue to carve out space for more activities and make the tweaks needed in our household to get the most out of our membership. Thank you for creating this space. - Katie Redington

I am thrilled to be a part of a club created for families to enjoy making and learning about art together. I homeschool my children and use many of your resources to help enrich their lives with art and creativity. Emily Yancer Watson


The KIDS ART SPOT is created for preschoolers through tweens. Younger and older children can join in for the art fun, but we had kids aged 3 through 11 in mind when creating many of the activities and videos. That said, there will be some activities that are better suited to older children and some that will appeal more to younger ones.

There will be a materials list for each activity, so you and your children can identify the materials you need ahead of time. Most of the art activities use a few widely available art supplies and household ingredients. You probably have many of the materials already! Some activities, may call for materials that you don’t already have on hand, such as contact paper, shaving cream, or liquid watercolors. In that case you can choose to buy them, use an alternative, or find another activity from the KIDS ART SPOT library. All materials should be easy to find at a local supermarket or craft store.

It depends on the activity, the child, and the family! The kids' art videos are set up so that a school-aged child could do them primarily on his or her own. You could also do some of the activities together with your child the first time (an excellent way to connect through creativity!) and then let them explore the art activity on their own in the future, once they have the knowledge and confidence from trying it once.

I hear you! Art can be messy. But so can childhood and life in general. I help you and your family minimize the art messes as much as possible. In our kids art videos, we have a section called Set Up for Success, after we Gather our Materials and before we start to create. A big part of setting up for success is making sure we protect our work surface and set up properly. I’ve had years of experience doing these activities with my own kids and in art groups, so I can help you maximize the fun while making the clean up as stress-free as possible. Sometimes this means using a tray or art mat, sometimes it means covering the entire table with a waterproof tablecloth (you can pick up a cheap plastic one for a dollar or two and reuse it many times), sometimes it means taking the activity outside.

The KIDS ART SPOT membership is set up to make it easier for your family to do fun art activities at home and to foster your children’s creativity.

As members, your family will be able to log in to the KIDS ART SPOT site or app anytime and have immediate access to a range of inspiring activities to get your family making art and having fun. You can choose from a range of Kids Art Videos to watch and create alongside me. You can print a variety of creativity-inspiring Drawing Prompts to use at home or on the go. You can set up one of the Simple Art Invitations for your kids. 

With your membership in the KIDS ART SPOT, you’ll receive unlimited access to an ever growing collection of kids art videos, drawing prompts, art activity printables, art invitation ideas, and an App.

  • Access to a library of video art classes with new episodes added each week and printable material checklists for each activity
  • A collection of creativity-inspiring drawing prompts for kids
  • A library of printable art activity sheets
  • Simple art invitations that parents can set up for their kids
  • An App for your Apple or Android Device to make the art activities and materials especially accessible

The KIDS ART SPOT membership is currently only $7.99 a month to make it accessible to all families during the current coronavirus situation. 


  • If $7.99/month is still outside of your budget, contact us at [email protected] and we will help you out.
  • We anticipate going back to our normal $14.99/month pricing in the future, however anyone who signs up at the current rate will be able to keep it as long as they are a member.

You can all use the family’s membership together! Your family only needs one membership.

Jean, the founder of The Artful Parent, has years of experience  doing art with kids, and she has created specially curated content to foster creativity, self confidence, and open-ended exploration. You can feel 100% safe with your kids exploring the KIDS ART SPOT knowing that everything they find, watch, and download is especially made for them. No weird ads, no “watch this next”, no strange rabbit holes of content. Just high quality, Artful Parent content that encourages high quality art experiences for your family.

If you have questions about the membership, including the website or billing, please e-mail us at [email protected]

You can cancel your membership anytime! Simply follow these steps to do it yourself:

If you signed up with a credit card:

  • Click on the Avatar at the top right of your membership account.
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Our ART CAMP is free for members of the KIDS ART SPOT and available now. As a member, you also receive all the other regular ART SPOT benefits, including access to a library of video art classes created and curated just for kids, drawing prompts to inspire creative thinking and drawing, holiday arts & crafts, and more! (Note: You can cancel your membership at any time!)