Autumn Arts & Crafts for Kids

An online workshop for kids and families full of fun and creative art activities perfect for the chilly fall season! 


ARTS & CRAFTS for Autumn!


10 awesome fall arts and crafts, each with a step-by-step video tutorial as well as printable instructions. Some activities include:

  • Leaf Art
  • Leaf Drawing Prompts
  • Sumi Ink Fall Trees
  • Apple Pie Playdough
  • Clay Coil Pots
  • Nature Suncatchers
  • And more!

Autumn Drawing Prompts!


10 fun fall-themed drawing invitations to encourage your kids to think and draw creatively, including:

  • Scarecrow Contest
  • Back to School
  • Design a Corn Maze
  • Fill a Cornucopia 
  • And more!

NEW companion e-book! 


The Autumn Arts and Crafts workshop now includes a helpful 30 page printable e-book. It includes: 

  • Tips and tricks for art success at home
  • A book list
  • Printable instructions
  • Drawing prompts
  • And fun printable posters!

Have fun and get creative with our Fall Arts & Crafts Workshop for kids and families!



Want to join the Kids Art Spot?

All of the fall themed art activities and drawing prompts inside the Autumn Arts & Crafts workshop are also inside our Kids Art Spot membership site! You can get all of this, plus so much more!


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