Little Kids Arts & Crafts

An online workshop perfect for little kids and families to help keep them busy with fun indoor and outdoor activities!


ARTS & CRAFTS for little kids!


10 easy and fun art activities, each with a step-by-step video tutorial as well as attractive printable instructions. Some activities include:

  • Drip Painting
  • Pointillism for Kids
  • Scraper Art
  • Smush Art
  • Painting with Marbles
  • Cloud Dough
  • And more!

Little Kids Drawing Prompts!


10 easy drawing invitations to encourage your kids to think and draw creatively, including:

  • Dot Art
  • Curves and Designs
  • Connect the Dots
  • Squiggle Design
  • Flower Garden
  • And more!

Have fun and get creative with our Little Kids Arts & Crafts Workshop perfect for toddlers!



Enjoy easy and fun art activities!

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All the fun little kids activities and drawing prompts inside the Little Kids Arts & Crafts workshop are also inside our Kids Art Spot membership site! Get all of this, plus so much more!


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