Artful Parent 101

Our master class in building a more creative family life. This three-part course features videos, printables, resource guides, and more!
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Become the creative family you want to be!

Would you like to foster your child's creativity, but are unsure where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the mess, cost of supplies and finding time (let alone ideas) to do art?

Artful Parent 101 is here to help! 

We will guide you through the basics: how to set up an art space, share our favorite supplies, and equip you with art ideas that easily work with your everyday life.

You will feel confident to encourage your child's unique creativity and interests with a home art environment that works for your family.

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Artful Parent 101

This online master class is divided into three 6-part courses:

1. Lay the Foundation

Start with the basics: A kids' art space lays the framework to empower confident makers. Learn how to set up a kids' art space and stock it with our recommended art supplies. 

Then begin to easily incorporate art into your family's life with the magic of simple art invitations, based on a process art approach.

2. Expand Your Toolkit

Build on your foundation: Make time for art and grow your child's creative confidence through drawing, nature art, action art and sensory play. 

Incorporate art into playdates and group activities––all with recently updated resource guides and our recommended products to support you. 

Bonus: Dig Deeper

In this valuable bonus course, you'll learn how to harness the power of art as a parenting tool. Build strong family connections through art and other creativity activities such as cooking, science, building and play. 

Embrace art and begin to live your creative life! 

About Artful Parent 101

Each 6-part e-course is set up for you to work through at your own pace and convenience. The three courses all feature a series of lessons that include:

  • An Engaging Lesson to help you lay a strong creative foundation for your family. The lesson will be available both as an audio-visual presentation and a PDF printable.
  • Videos to watch that demonstrate fundamental aspects of the lesson
  • Worksheets to help you apply the lesson to your family and life
  • Printable Activity Sheets to do with your kids to practice the artful parenting skill being taught
  • An Accompanying Resource Guide (with product links) to refer to as you implement ideas
  • Action Steps to help you put the lesson's idea into practice
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A Passion for Creativity

Jean Van't Hul

Founder of The Artful Parent & Kids Art Spot and author of 3 books about kids art.

I will be your guide throughout this course, helping you to foster creativity in your family.

I have years of experience making art and creativity easy and fun for families. I will give you the tools and inspiration to help you connect through creativity and encourage experimentation with your kids.

I have a degree in art history and studio art, plus work experience in arts organizations. But it wasn't until I became a parent that the pure potential of art and creativity gelled in my mind. 

I am passionate about helping children reach their creative potential. I look forward to helping you lay a strong creative foundation for your family!

Foster Creativity in Your Family

Discover how process art, a well-organized art space and art invitations can work to make time for art.

Course 1: Lay the Foundation

Want to learn how to foster creative confidence? Or how to fit art into your day and set up an inspiring art space? The course is for you!

  • Lesson 1: Build Creative Connections: Build stronger connections and foster creative self confidence in simple ways that you can fit into your family's life now.
  • Lesson 2: Create Spaces That Inspire: Set up a children's art space that they'll gravitate toward and tweak or transform home spaces to better foster creative activity.
  • Lesson 3: Stock Up on Art Supplies: Learn the best art materials for children of different ages, what you truly need, and how accessible to make them.
  • Lesson 4: Simple Art Invitations: Use art invitations to engage your children creatively and match the art to the child, taking into consideration age, stage, skills, and interests.
  • Lesson 5: Process Art & Creativity: Foster children's creativity with open-ended process art activities, experimentation, and asking What if... and I wonder... questions.
  • Lesson 6: Pull it All Together: Learn the 3 components to encourage kids’ creativity to become innovative thinkers, doers, problem solvers. Be your own artful parent and make time for art when life gets too busy!

Course 2: Expand Your Toolkit

Want to build up a creative arsenal of simple, hands-on kids' art activities? Learn how to foster creative confidence? Or how to offer messy art experiences without destroying your home or your sanity? This course is for you!

  • Lesson 1: Get Started with Kids' Art: Build stronger connections and foster creativity through process art, experimentation, and asking What if... questions.
  • Lesson 2: Drawing Skills & Confidence: Encourage creative confidence while also teaching drawing skills and techniques in age-appropriate ways.
  • Lesson 3: Nature Art & Inspiration: Let nature inspire your art and creativity all year round. Plus, make nature-based arts and crafts.
  • Lesson 4: Messy & Sensory Art: Learn how getting messy and exploring using all their senses is not only fun but important for kids' development!  
  • Lesson 5: Art for Groups & Playdates: Creative activities are great for bringing together different personalities & ages, creating shared purpose, easing transitions, and FUN.
  • Lesson 6: Planning for Art: Make time and space for art even in your family's busy life with guidance, a creative wishlist, and a planning calendar.

Transform Your Family Life

Learn new ways to look at art and build a creative bank of simple, easy art activities to try with your kids. You'll learn to incorporate art into your busy life along the way.

Bonus Course: Dig Deeper

In this valuable bonus course, you'll learn to use art as part of your parenting toolkit to improve family life, have more fun, & foster kids' creativity.

Build strong family connections together, find out why creativity is so important, plus develop a fun, experimental approach to cooking, science, art and play. 

Embrace art and begin to live your creative life! 

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Artful Parent 101 is the complete, step-by-step course to help you foster your children’s creativity for the long-term so they become innovative doers, thinkers, and problem solvers.

What people are saying about AP101...

An inspiring course which re-energised our creative play. It gave me a quick reference guide so I could pull something together quickly. It was also great to engage with an international creative community!   

- Kirsty Strachan, Wiltshire, UK

This e-course changed my way of incorporating art in our family life. It made me focus on how to talk to kids on their art, it gave me a ready made schedule for activities, and it inspired me to do my own versions of art activities. I am in love with art, and this eCourse made me love it even more as it re-connected me with my kids.

- Marwa Abuelnasr, Egypt

I have loved this course. It has changed my way of thinking and has gotten me to think more about encouraging art and creativity in my family. 

The knowledge I learned has transformed the way I do things in my home! 

- Brook, Colorado, USA


This course is designed for parents and caregivers who want to raise creative kids. The material is best suited for those with children ages 2 through 10. 

This course is self-guided; you can sign up and take it at any time. Once you enroll, you'll receive access to all course materials. It's divided into 3 modules for you to work through at your own pace.

This 3-module course costs $129. 

Yes, absolutely! That's the beauty of an online course. :) You can take it from anywhere! 

Absolutely! You don’t have to feel confident in your own artistic abilities in order to foster your children’s creativity. In fact, this course would probably be perfect for you as I think it would give you tools and strategies for encouraging art and creativity in your household (plus the confidence to do it more regularly). It might even help you with confidence about your own creativity… 

If you have and use my books and my blog extensively, and don't need help with integrating the material into your life, then you probably don't need this course. If you would like some help in making creativity a priority, with step-by-step guidance, action items, and a multi-media approach, then I think you could benefit from the course, even if you have my books and read my blog. I think it mostly depends on you and how much you have incorporated art and creativity into your family's life on your own... If you're still not sure, feel free to sign up for the course and try it out! If it's not for you, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days. 

I'd imagine that some of the material would be relevant to you and some not so much as I am focusing on parents and the home with this particular course. Because of your work, though, I think you would enjoy the course and find plenty of information to use with your students and to share with their families. You can always give the course a try and if you find it's not ideal for you, you can ask for a refund (within 30 days). 

Once you enroll, you'll have access to all of the course material. I recommend that you download and/or print the written course material and keep it to refer to again and again. It's yours forever!

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. 

If you have a question that is not answered here or in the course description above, please feel free to e-mail The Artful Parent team at [email protected]!

Children are naturally creative. 

It is our job to give them the freedom, materials & space to let their creativity blossom to its fullest potential.


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