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Frequently Asked Questions

The products are created for preschoolers through tweens. Younger and older children can join in for the art fun, but we had kids aged 3 through 10 in mind when creating many of the activities and videos. That said, there will be some activities that are better suited to older children and some that will appeal more to younger ones.

Yes, you'll be able to keep your Kids Art Spot membership at the FLASH SALE PRICE for as long as you are a member in good standing.

There will be a materials list for each activity, so you and your children can identify the materials you need ahead of time. Most of the art activities use a few widely available art supplies and household ingredients. You probably have many of the materials already! Some activities, may call for materials that you don’t already have on hand, such as contact paper, shaving cream, or liquid watercolors. In that case you can choose to buy them, use an alternative, or find another activity from the KIDS ART SPOT library. All materials should be easy to find at a local supermarket or craft store.

It depends on the activity, the child, and the family! The kids' art videos are set up so that a school-aged child could do them primarily on his or her own. You could also do some of the activities together with your child the first time (an excellent way to connect through creativity!) and then let them explore the art activity on their own in the future, once they have the knowledge and confidence from trying it once.

You can all use the family’s membership together! Your family only needs one membership.

Jean, the founder of The Artful Parent, has years of experience  doing art with kids, and she has created specially curated content to foster creativity and open-ended exploration. You can feel 100% safe with your kids exploring the KIDS ART SPOT knowing that everything they find, watch, and download is especially made for them. No weird ads, no “watch this next”, no strange rabbit holes of content. Just high quality, Artful Parent content that encourages high quality art experiences for your family.

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