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Is this you?

I want to nurture my child’s creativity but…

It’s hard to find the time

With our busy schedules, it's nearly impossible to make time for arts & crafts. It just feels like one more parenting obligation to add to my already-full plate. 

I'm overwhelmed with ideas

Honestly, there are just TOO MANY great projects online. I spend more time searching Pinterest and Instagram than I do actually creating with my kids.

I don't trust YouTube

Of course video tutorials could be a great resource, but I don't want to set my kids loose on YouTube. There are too many distractions... chances are they'll end up watching another unboxing video instead of learning a new art technique.

With Kids Art Spot you can:

Work around your schedule

We're always expanding your video library, but there's no pressure!  Simply choose the activities that work best for your family at any time. Kids Art Spot is there for your family whenever and wherever you need us most.

Harness the power of video

With video tutorials, you can easily engage kids and introduce them to art activities and techniques at home with minimal effort.  You provide the space and a few basic materials; let us handle the rest!

Rely on our curated collection

Our devoted team of parents, artists, and educators have created this library of videos specifically for preschoolers through tweens.  You can trust that our content is all 100% safe for your kids to explore independently.  






Access to our limited library:

  • 5 Kids art videos at a time
  • 5 Art activity Printables at a time
  • 5 Drawing prompts at a time
  • Kids Art Spot App
There will always be 5 videos and drawing prompts available, with a new project and printable added each week. 



PER MONTH ($119.99 paid annually)


Access to our FULL LIBRARY:

  • Kids Art videos
  • Drawing Prompts 
  • Art Activity Printables 
  • Simple Art Invitations 
  • Holiday Themed Content
  • Kids Art Spot App 





Access to our FULL LIBRARY:

  • Kids Art videos
  • Drawing Prompts
  • Art Activity Printables 
  • Simple Art Invitations 
  • Holiday Themed Content
  • Kids Art Spot App

Thousands of parents use KIDS ART SPOT each week.

Here’s what they are saying:


We are super happy we are part of the Kids Art  Club! I love how easy it is to find something quickly to do with my daughter!  -  Jaime G

I am thrilled to be a part of a club created for families to enjoy making and learning about art together. I homeschool my children and use many of your resources to help enrich their lives with art and creativity.  - Emily W

I love that I don’t need to spend hours on web searching nice art for my kids.  Anna K.

I really like the variety of projects that are adaptable to all ages. - Lisa B.

My kids are able to use it independently. Ruzica S.

Kids Art Spot simplifies things for us! - Stacy G.

Just knowing that I always have an idea of something fun to do creates a sense of peace. - Angela M.

My daughter did the art activities on her own or with a friend, with little intervention from me. I was surprised by how useful it was for the kids to watch a video tutorial. - Emma D

The format of the videos - overview, materials, step-by-step instruction - allows my daughter to have more agency in choosing activities then she does when we use books that require an adult to decode the text. Having everything in an app keeps us off the YouTube autoplay death spiral. I also like that activities are sorted by type - painting, collage, cooking, etc so I can choose a type depending on what materials we have on hand or my excitement for mess that day. Also, printable PDFs are key - the puffy slime recipe lives in a plastic sleeve because it’s used so frequently!  - Emily M.

We watched the video about making art with washi tape and then the kids made their own pieces of art. It was a great activity, and the video was helpful for the kids to get started independently. I didn’t have to do anything, just gave them the tape and paper. - Jaclyn B


 Kids Art Spot can help you:

Take the pressure off

Don’t spend another second feeling like you "should" be doing more art at home.  With a Kids Art Spot membership, you have everything you need for a more creative home life right at your fingertips. It's time to kiss mom guilt goodbye!

Engage your kids

The benefits of art in childhood are virtually endless.  Your kids will gain a wide range of skills and increase their independence, creative thinking, problem solving, and self-confidence as they go. 

Connect through creativity

Discover the magic of a more creative home, and connect with your family on a whole new level.

Get immediate access to our fun & creative
activities for kids!


And we offer so much MORE:

Join the KIDS ART SPOT now!

Join the Kids Art Spot for only $14.99/month for the entire family. And if it's not right for your family, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.


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Imagine if you could have a more creative home life with less stress, less worry, and less wasted time.

Now you can with The Kids Art Spot!  We simplify art at home with a curated library of video art tutorials & creative drawing prompts. 

We work on your schedule, whenever and wherever you need us most. 


"Kids Art Spot simplifies things for us!" -Stacy G.